That guys an asshole

That guys a real asshole
He’s got the truth shooting out of his ass
Like a flame burning nightmare
A degenerate car salesman with his rent check due
A complete waste of a man
Doomsday personified
Maybe his woman didn’t love him
I can see why
The lazy prick is brainless
Can’t even mow a lawn
Tie a shoe
But yet people listen to him
The short pricked adolescent wolverine
In my pockets
This talentless
Near sided gumball
Why do they listen
They buy into his fear,I guess
They believe this low testosterone
Bad breathed,moth ball suited henchman
I would rather drink with a fanged wino
Than this sucker of life
I would rather make love to a
Deviant than to listen To this fiction
I,love,have made love
And will dish it out in sevens
Before I stoop
To your soils
That guys an asshole
He misses the mommy
And daddy
He dreamed he had


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