After killing an hour at Ameba records on sunset
I made my way across the street to the Jack in the box
As I was standing there waiting to order
A guy with a florescent yellow jacket on
And a bright pink athletic bandanna around his head
Walks in holding three very large posters
He had my full attention.
I watched as he would have an acute conversation
With each person in line
He would speak rapidly and then show
Each poster very carefully
The person being questioned would shake there head no
And he would move on to the next in line.
It finally became my turn to talk to this guy
I could hardly wait to hear what he had to say
And this is what he said.
Pardon me my good man
I am Sgt.Mitchell with the F.B.I
I will not take much of your time
As I know you are hungry.
You see my good man
On this ,my newest case
This young woman has come up missing
And I wonder if you may have seen her.
Here are a few photo’s
And with that he shows me the posters one by one.
After carefully looking at each poster
I said to him ,Im sorry I don’t think I have seen her.
Sorry I can’t help.
He kindly thanked me for my time
And for doing my part to obtain the law
Moving on to the next in line
With his 1970’s Farrah Fawcett posters.


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