Producing Conformity

It began that first day of school

I had insisted on wearing a leisure suit

I boarded the bus and was laughed at

For what I felt looked quit good

Dignified,a proper way to meet people

But as I arrived to class I realized I looked a little out of place

Well my looks were in harmony with the way I felt

I felt older

I did not feel I belonged

There with the alphabet learners

I felt it all quit wasteful

For some reason I had already developed a sense of responsibility

For myself and my surroundings.

As the years went on it didn’t change much at all

I was uneasily weary of the reality I was encouraged to accompany

At this point I had already been in trouble for smiling too much

And sent home for laughing on another occasion

I wanted truth


And I began to challenge the simplistic ways of educating

I questioned its authenticity

Quickly I became aware the taxes were high for someone like me

Who wanted the holders of false power to be honest

To simply not sacrifice kids for there own level of

Comfort in a monetary system which had predicted its own demise.

And now it didn’t matter what I was wearing

I had become indifferent to what others thought

I wondered why no one was questioning these things.

Feelings were slowly being elliminated

Individual thoughts were being plucked from heads

Disintegrating thoughts

The family was being destroyed in purposeful fashion

Hardly a sole putting up the slightest fight

Complacency was in full swing

Grown people all out for there own survival

Ignoring there place in the whole of existence

We were prey

A few of us fought for are minds

For art

I still wear a suit jacket and question everything

That is the human thing to do.


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