I took a sip and questioned
What it was that I was viewing could this be reality?
It does not seem to be quite as real As the previous years before. Where is all the real emotion? This is a work of fiction,I think We are surrounded by
Why are most people blind to This fact.
Frustrated,I take another sip as The words seep from the pencil Onto an abused sketchpad of Thoughts and scribbles.
Why do they beg
To roll around in this
Dumbed down slop?
Accepting failure
While slang has replaced
Pride and knowledge.
Those with the worst ethics
Push out Immaculate conceptions, Weighing systems down
Into oblivion.
What will become
Of this
Disinfo drugged
Lazy environment? Such low expectations Like a 91′
Chevrolet Caprice
On it’s last leg.
This will undoubtably all Cause more rules
For those of us
Who want to just
Be left alone
To write
Pave our own
This last sip is
For you
Artist’s everywhere
I adore your


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