Another man’s treasure

Another man’s treasure
She kept bringing Abstracts out from
A huge cardboard box
As the next artwork Revealed itself
The box produced another More bizarre than the last.
Drawn on pizza boxes Macaroni,glued and painted Kleenex box canvases
And a few done in ketchup.
She kept pulling them out And she was loaded.
I drank my beer And I sort of saw I kinda felt where They came from.
The Greek laughed
And cursed
I’ve thrown them away many times
But she keeps digging them out of the trash
I’ll throw them away again Into the trash
with her wine bottles
And stripper clothes
He sat down Hit his joint.
Why don’t you Let her keep these I asked the Greek.
Because it’s garbage
She too is garbage Her,and her art Both garbage.
She mumbled Something not hearable While clutching her Baby doll.
I walked to the can And threw away My empty bottle.
I wanted to give
This to you and
I handed Frankie
The drawing I had made him.
He seemed pleased
And handed me another beer.
The Greek thought it Was shit I could tell.
He told me my garbage Wasn’t any better than
Her garbage artwork.
The energy’s gotta
Go somewhere
Might as well be on these Canvases and pizza Boxes I said.
We sat there
For a few more hours As Frankie finished My Ruin symbols on His large,silver grinder.
The Greek and the girl Finally left the
Room and I was Relieved and the Room slowly
Lost it’s superfluous Tension.
I sat there in Vegas staring At the box of GARBAGE


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