And for Chopin

And For Chopin
Let me take a minute of your time to set the precarious scene,
It was a warm august night under a full moon and I could see the stars in abundance,
As I sat on the floor leaning on the couch looking out of the opened front door.
I was drinking relatively expensive american red wine,
Which goes to say it was probably lower grade on a global scale,
And drinking it from a beautiful crystal wine glass.
I sipped on the expensive swill, while over my right shoulder,
On the couch I could hear moans of happiness from the two girls making out just above me.
There lips could be heard pounding harmoniously along
with Fur Elise by Beethoven Playing softly in the background
The moon,
The stars
And the slow breeze from the east were consumed.
The pleasure could be heard
not only from Beethovan
but also from their lips
embarked in joy Chopin
would not
For judgement lay at the open door under the stars and the moon and for Chopin.


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