David Divine Brooks

I am a singer of my own sort,writer of poetry and vintage camera collector .This blog started out as a place to put some of my poetry,photos,paintings and it ended up inspiring me to gather up all my notebooks full of writings and write a book about the stories that started from the poems here .The book is a work of fiction called The Gothic Poet and it is a great experience to write.I compiled the notebooks over a ten year period touring the world with a band.Like many, I always felt most inspired while in the gothic streets of Barcelona and other areas of the world surrounded by it’s art and hope to one day publish this work in book form or anywhere it can be read.A slice of my story is featured in Douglas A Cox’s book on c.d. Taking Command and is available on his site. thank your for your taking time to visit and look forward to discovering your work as well peace always David…..Tantrums of Genius (collection of poetry) now available at amazon in print and also kindle edition.


35 thoughts on “David Divine Brooks

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  2. One of my greatest regrets in life was the failure to read other peoples poetry. Now, and more than ever before I find inspiration and also many Brother Poets, too. Thanks for sharing your material and may you find the dream you’re looking for.

    All the best



  3. Hi david, thanks for popping over to my site and liking my poem “Bold Life”. I really like your poem Engraved and shared it with Twitter. And your music is good, I listened to the four tracks on ReverbNation, and enjoyed them thoroughly.



  4. David, thanks fer coming by and clickin on my blog, I have found(at least fer an ol crazy dysfunctional machine like myself) it is the best way fer me to find blogs I’ll be interested in and yer’s is no exception…I have only read a couple, but will get too more of the old and be watchin’ fer the new.”…thanks again


  5. I’m no use at ‘constructing’ songs all having been received inspirationally but I admire anyone who can write poems of any kind..You are busy person…Thanks for reading my story/stories…All true and all from the hearts of us all who experienced the dreams, visions etc..from 1984 to present day… memory is not as good being older now..(age 2000)…Ha.Ha. Keep busy and keep coming back to read what takes your fancy as this is MILD…It took me 26 years to go back to my old self and this brings true inner happiness and contentment although I have had many struggles before I began writing about JDM which I am glad to say have vanished in ‘time’ and through patience…The Truth is always scrutinised but stand the tests of ALL time…See you soon…


  6. WOW! What a life of experiences … I am jealous of “I am a singer, painter, writer and documentary film freak .” To be one is a gift enough – to do so many creative things sounds like heaven but can be hell too I guess!


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  8. Thanks for liking my post on The Barcelona of Gaudí. Spain has such incredible history and so many crazy stories. My wife and I want to trace the Camino Santiago by bus, walk, taxi. from Roncesvalles to the “crazy shrine.” We can’t walk much of it but there are creative ways to do it. Have you read James Michener’s great book, Iberia? He was a gringo who knew Spain better than most Spaniards and tells the stories of his many trips like the master that he is.


  9. DDB,

    What an honour to meet you; don’t you just love this internet thingy, it allows one so much potential for self actualisation, self-expressionism and empowerment. Power to you in your creative pursuits… as for me, and speaking of things Gothic, you may well find extra inspiration in my dream blog – here is one dream that has a decidedly Gothic sensibility to it:


    And since you are a merry music-maker, here’s another to richly inspire you:


    Sweet dream and stay blessed and in the light!



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