willing to forgive

We all take up a small space

Molecules moving for a moment

Swaying to the rhythm of fear

To not be captured.

We are without a soul

Until we see some sort of light

Or small flame of hope.

And then we are fine

Until we are not.

Inspired by the touch of another

 The texture of acrylic

Or the lens of a camera.

Lyrics and poetry live

And breath 

And drip with salvation

To those who may be to deaf 

In this time frame to listen.

Creation continues to dwindle 

But it will always find its way out

Even with supression

It’s heart still beats 

Centuries could not kill

The eclectic thought patterns of beauty.

Knowledge is just that

It can be hidden 

But it’s truth is still there

 like a wounded lover

Willing to forgive.


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