The Minstrel

In the early evening there was orchestrated pleasure

only to return to an empty room.

Uncomfortably waiting for something that was not there

restless upon a mattress on the hard wood floor

I starred at the patterns formed

by the cracks in the poorly constructed walls

of the deteriorating ,post-war,bricked

three story shelter.

The fact that we are at all times both living in a dream

and a nightmare was frightening my mind

as my eye twitched and my throat clenched.

Just a few days had gone by since I was up

and then I had fell so hard even the rats

Keep there distance.

There with all that I had created

the minister to my own soul

smashing out years of agitation

The cracks seemed to mirror my existence.

Maybe it was the beer or some of Socrates wisdom

there in the darkness

I was able to muster a laugh.


2 thoughts on “The Minstrel

  1. DDB-Excellently done-Really stunning-Love the breath in this poem- “uncomfortably waiting…” one of my favorite lines until I got to the last four…fantastic.
    Fergive me if I’m wrong here (poetry sometimes hard to tell) but the line “as my eye twitched…” should the “by” also be “my”?
    Again I apologize if I’ve misread…this is a great poem D.


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