Spirits occupying small spaces



By if not a larger energy

A more persistent one.

Good verses evil

The old fight for the ages.

I quietly wait for content

A collective contentment

A heavenly silence

A place in time where we are not in a hurry to be,

Just happy to be




The blackness can have its keys back

To the lopsided lease

The bankers language abolished

Recognized finally as the cunning old

Snake oil salesman it is.

A carney barking out rules to the contest

While chain smoking cigarettes

To which the prizes are plain junk

A bait and switch shell game.

Lets just leave this fairground

Let them keep the rides

And the funnel cakes

Lets not be entertained by these fools anymore.

Just outside the gates

Life is waiting 

Just there

On the other side of the fence

Beyond the ticket booth.

I once again acknowledge the truth

The notes of  Beethoven’s  glorious madness

The symphonies

Salvador’s rebirth

The patterns of Klimt

All there waiting

In your own stillness.


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