The Kodak brownie

The Kodak brownie camera


A basic box with a hole

Simplistic genius

It could capture amazing beauty

In black and white.

An incredibly creative time

The family was brought together

Standing side by side


Well before multi-tasking.

As the years passed

And with the addition of features

Sold as advancement of technology

Proclamation of ease

We have become increasingly aware

That the progression of mechanics

Has only worked in opposition.

It has almost eliminated the togetherness

The family has become separated

Intelligence and creativity

Are almost gone from this art.

It has been reduced to 

Bathroom mirror self portraits

And soulless filth.

An unbearable mockery

Of what it once was.

If you get a second or two

To slow down

Look at an old picture

Feel the life it breaths

And wonder about what has truly happened.


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