The calloused drinker

The calloused drinker

With his head hung a little

Sits at the bar

With his cheap draft beer

Perched on a napkin

Surrounded by single dollar bills

And some change.

He is weathered 

By what he has witnessed.

The circumstances that have

Led him here are many.

He himself can not truly

Define the events.

He tried 

He gave it his best shot

But the game was rigged.

The pale ale helps soften the blow

He thinks maybe if I had


Or not listened

A little more

I wouldn’t have settled for 

This ripped, fake leather bar stool.

Maybe I would have gotten the girl

The one with the nice tits

And soft lips.

I just couldn’t figure out

How to keep her.

She was trouble anyway

The calloused drinker thinks

As he sits atop the ripped stool.


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