lets create some beauty

Write some lines or name this poem in progress,have a great one

Posted on May 10, 2013



 A poem currently being created ,you can name it or you can add lines in the comment section and i will put it all together and re post with full credit to all artists .lets create some beauty today……so far we have great lines by david divine brooks, Leo,Heartafire and Kalabalu,vassillis,the running son all artists here on wordpress.check them out and add your lines …spread the beauty




Today is simple


find some beauty


it’s everywhere you look


it’s in the dust floating through


the sunbeam softly cascading upon


the dimly lit room,


And the bottle of whiskey awaits




to be opened and served


while my girl is in the bed


waiting for me,


the sun-light dances off her surfaces


I want to memorize


the scent of her,


lick the sweet fragrances


of her silhouette,


Dream with my eyes open


to feel the fire within


softness in your voice


a melody


caress my soul


to ecstasy,


and if you think all’s in vain

you are absolutely right

just come and taste my wine

and talk it through the night


We will talk, never fight.
Til vanity and dark seems right
and sanity and love bleeds
slightly, seen in the soft candlelight


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