Tantrums of genius

Tantrums Of Genius

Stay away from The – Mart

and it’s shopping cart

with a bad wheel,

Write on paper with


outlawed cursive,

not staring into

a computer with pop up adds

and trivial social media,

Have Tantrums Of Genius

Sip on a beer

or some wine

and close your eyes

in silence,

listen to the thoughts

twirl in your mind

like a Van Gogh painting,

paying attention to detail

as the thick blue colors

swirl into each other

creating a vibrant sky.

Listen to Mozart

softly inducing stimulation,

master’s calling through

space and time

telling you

of their frustration

in finding anyone

to listen to their message.

Read Ezra Pound

and all the others

the poet’s

who had the knowledge

the insight

to warn you of

a place with no creation,

filled with people

without imagination,

those who never had

Tantrum’s Of Genius

Feel the emotion

as you start to pace

the floor,and look

out of a window,

and for the first time

realize that you

are surrounded by beauty

and you have ignored

every flower

and all of the color

that has not been recognized.

Maybe with anger

or with regret

have a

Tantrum Of Genius

As the truth

softly show’s itself

like gazing into

a Dali painting

slowly discovering

what it is you are looking at.

promise yourself

to often have

Tantrums Of Genius.


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