Another Beer Stained Sunday

Another beer stained Sunday
Writing ,thinking and talking to myself
Sometimes I’m a good listener
But other times I just argue with my thoughts
I’m an asshole I think as I take a sip
Some of my critics would agree I respond
Those critics give me fire I mumble
The ones who need a formula
The ones who haven’t been completely broke
Broke and giving up everything for the work
The art,
The ones who haven’t lost anything
Or everything like I had done
Searching for the words,the voice
Oh well I wish them luck,I think
As I take another sip
Do you really wish them well?
I question myself
I think I do I say.
You’ve gone mad I exclaim
As I pace the floor relentlessly
Mad,Im more sane than ever
I’m quick to reply
I’m disagreeing with you after all
You wanted to keep things safe
Nice and easy with no risks
But I challenged you
When you wanted to fold
You’re an asshole I think as I take a sip
On another beer stained Sunday


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