Compassion really did me in

Twenty feet off sunset
It’s kind of quiet
for a saturday night
in Hollywood.

I wonder where the crowds gone?
my friends must have went off
to drink.

It’s better that I stayed
There’s quit alot to write
I promised myself
That I would.

The hotel room is quiet
except the ringing in my ears
from the amps
and the crowd.

Here in room 227
the loud has dripped to empty
alone at last,where I feel normal

My thoughts and memories
have always been too big
not shallow
not empty.

I wouldn’t rise to watch others fail
Compassion really did me in.

A pounding heart,and brain
I couldn’t stop neither
And Iv’e surely tried
they just got stronger.

Although 227 would appear empty
It’s filled with many others
who have influenced me
to rid the sedation.


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